Which Platform?

I’ve spent most of my time on this blog teasing you with tools and graphics, but what is the end goal? What is the game itself and when will it be released? Which platform will we target? Vote to Decide! It’s your patriotic duty.


The final game will be called Christmas Adventure: The Eternal Fruitcake of Light. It is an comedic 8bit style RPG, patterned after the NES Final Fantasy games we all loved as a kid.

Billy and Mrs Claus
Billy and Mrs Claus

The plot revolves around Billy the Kid (no relation), an 8 yr old kid who is determined to save Christmas, despite the fact it does not need saving. Along the way he teams up with Holly Berry, Mecha-Claus, Pedro the Penguin, and many other amusing characters as they travel the world on the Bipolar Express.


I’ve always felt RPGs would benefit from an episodic structure, similar to the way novels were serialized in magazines. Each month there will be a fresh chapter with your favorite characters waiting for you to play with them. My initial thought is to give away the first three chapters so you get a feel for the game. If you like it you can buy additional chapters individually or as a bundle.

I have a story outline for 12 chapters total, one each month, leading up to the final battle on Christmas Eve.

Though I’m unsure of how to sell the game I’ve already ruled out ads and the various gamefication techniques that force you to spam your friends (ala Candy Crush). I really really hate games that use these techniques, and why make a game that I’d hate. That’s why episodic sales appeal to me.


My initial thought is a straight app for the iPad. It has the large screen and an app store already set up for in-app purchasing. However, it’s a big store with a lot of noise to get lost in.

I honestly don’t know what platform to target first. The current code is highly portable. All of my custom tools compile to JSON so I only need to port a small core engine to each platform. I am very willing to consider platforms in another order if there is interest. Please let me know with this poll:


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Once the initial platform is selected I expect to have a final release with the first three chapters available for purchase in March. If you’d like to be a beta-tester, regardless of your platform, please join the mailing list. ¬†This list is used only for the game and will not be sold to anyone else.