More Progress

Building an RPG from scratch is far more work than I thought it would be. If I had really known what it would take when I started.. well I probably wouldn’t have started it.  But here we are.

Looking back it should have been obvious. Despite modern tools, there’s still a lot of art, dialog, and plotting to be done. The original Final Fantasy games, as simple as they were, still had large teams. Even the tiny (by today’s standards) first game had a team of 7 rockstar developers.  Ah well. I’m here now. Onward!

I have finished almost all of the dialog and maps for Chapter 2 of Christmas Adventure. Chapter 1 is basically exploration and plot setting, with lots of jokes.  Chapter 2 has real battles and leveling up, and of course a lot more jokes. Even the enemy names have turned into jokes. CA is turning out to be far sillier than I original imagined. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

I’ve also gone back to add some missing artwork, like the engine room of the Bipolar Express:

Engine room of the Bipolar Express
Engine room of the Bipolar Express


On the technical side, I’ve fixed a ton of bugs and overhauled the movement and dialog systems. Dialog now has an image of who/what you are talking to. It also switches between speakers. This should help the player follow conversations and make the game more immersive overall.

Dialog with picture of the speaker
Dialog with picture of the speaker


As part of the movement overhaul the player image is directional and animated. I’ve tried to model it on the walk cycle from Final Fantasy IV. Here’s a test run. I think it turned out pretty well.

Animation tests





I’m planning another beta release at the end of the week. Please sign up the mailing list to get it.



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