Busy Year

While I haven’t updated the blog much in 2015, I’ve not forgotten about Christmas Adventure.  Life and a new day job have conspired to keep me away from the game, so sadly it will not be released this year. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going on, however.

I recently rewrote all of the visual tools as single proper editor with ReactJS components.  The updated tool will make it much faster to work on the game.   Take a look:


Going through the old code I see how bad my JS code was. Have I improved that much in the last year or was I drinking too much? Either way, I’ve now rewritten big chunks of the graphics engine to be faster and more reliable. You can play with a one room demo here.

I’ve also realized that a full 12 episode RPG is simply too big of a task for one person, at least as my first game. Instead I plan to release a few mini games before going back to the Xmas game proper.  Also look for some new fun pixel art postcards coming soon.

I hope you’re having a safe holiday.

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