Christmas 2017

Yep. It’s that time again. Time to explain the lack of progress on Christmas Adventure four.  At this point I’m not sure it’s going to happen, and yet I’m closer than ever to finishing it. How is this possible?

I’ve spent most of the last year doing startup stuff, being unemployed, doing contract work, and finally joining Mozilla devrel. So, you know, busy. Meaning I haven’t worked on the game proper.

The good news is that I’ve invested greatly in the tooling so that building out the game will be several times faster.  To prove out the concepts I’ve created a new Christmas card game called Dungeon Dave. It’s full of the jokes and silly graphics you’ve come to expect from 9 Bit Games.

This new game is in final beta now and will be released shortly before Christmas. If you want to try it out now, please join the mailing list.

See you soon!