New Beta Is Ready for Testing

After much hard work we have a new beta ready for you to test.  This includes menus and connecting rooms so that you can go all the way from the beginning of chapter one to the first mini-boss in chapter 2.  Oh, and we have our first mini-boss, one ornery reptile ghost.

If you’d like to be a part of the beta program, please join the mailing list. I’ll send out a testing link shortly.

To whet your appetite, here are a few new screenshots.


Over-world on the Island
Over-world view on the first island


Battle in Progress
Battle in Progress


Talking to the old whaler.
Talking to the old whaler.


Due to being drugged up for part two of a four part tooth implant procedure I didn’t get any coding or drawing done today. Instead I’ll show you one of the custom tools I made.  This is the map editor.

Map Editor

It’s written with Node JS, Bootstrap, and Angular.  To turn it into a desktop runnable app I’m using Thrust.

Coffee shop test


There’s a few issues with the counter top edges I need to fix.  And I’m not sure it’s clear what the stack of green things is (they are supposed to be upside-down coffee cups).coffee shop

And So It Begins

After years of starts and stops I have finally pushed ahead to build a real game.  Christmas Adventure: The Eternal Fruitcake of Light.

EFL for short, the game combines my twin loves of 8-bit Final Fantasy style RPGs with Christmas movies. I love Christmas. The decorations, the candy, the obsession with snow.  Modern commercial Christmas has become truly absurd in it’s scope, and I do love it so.  EFL is my thank you note.

I’ve always thought RPGs would work well broken up into chapters, much like a serialized novel. Something players would subscribe to. Each month you get a few hours of content, some new enemies and locations, a new quest to fulfill, and more of the overall plot.  Twelve chapters feels about right, if only because it works out to exactly one year, and could end on Christmas.

The challenge, of course, is that I’ve never written a game or done much pixel art.  When I started the process I thought “how hard could it be?” As it turns out, extremely hard.  After weeks of slogging through and working during the holidays I have a passable beta of chapter 1. To help me keep pushing forward I’ve started this blog.  I hope to post an update or at least a screenshot, each day as we get closer to the proper release of Chapter 1.