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· 2 min read

Previously the editor had a concept of a 'test', which was meant to be a group of settings for the camera and physics. The problem is that these really only live inside of the tests. When you export your game you'd have to recreate all of these things. So I moved them.

Now the camera and physics settings are properties of the document. This means the tests section of the document can go away. Play testing is now down from a Play button on the Map editor, which is really where it should have always been.

Along the way I've fixed a ton of bugs and centralized the prop sheet. Before when you were editing a map there would be a propsheet for the map and one for the selected layer of the map. This takes up more space and there's no reason to look at both at the same time. There should really be just one propsheet, and now there is.

Now, when you select the map, you'll see the big map editor and list of layers, and the main propsheet on the right will show map details. When you select a layer the main propsheet will show the layer details. To see map details again, just click on the map again. Easy peasy.

Making this change also means we can remove the extra prop sheets from most of the editing views, giving you back more screen real-estate.

· One min read
Josh Marinacci

I came up with a list of names for the game tool (and this company, I suppose) and the only one that got more than a single vote was RetroGami. So here we are! When hunting for domains, somehow the domain name was already taken?! Domains have gotten a lot more confusing and expensive than when I first did this stuff 25 years ago. I ended up buying .dev, .space, and .quest, so I've got some options.

Next is making the editor export something usable for publishing.

· One min read
Josh Marinacci

This is the first post of the MetVan (real name TBD) dev log. MetVan is the time traveling editor for metroidvania style games. MetVan has no runtime fees. No custom languages. Oh, and the game engine is open source link TBD